15 October, 2014

Positive and Negative space self portraits

As part of my 5th graders' how we express ourselves unit on how our passions and strengths can empower self-expression and drive potential we studied positive and negative space and created 2 side by side self portraits; one showing their strengths and passions (inside their silhouetted head/positive space) and one showing their future potential i.e. what they could do with those strengths and passions (outside their silhouetted head/negative space).  This has been quite a long project.  With shortened classes this year, everything takes so much longer as it's start stop all the time.  I even opened my classroom up to all my 5th graders in the morning, at recess and lunch and I STILL had some who didn't finish.

However I am really pleased with the over all results and I think I really pushed them, not only artistically, but to really think about their content.  It only took me 4 hours to grade and hang the 3 classes last night…sigh….

Anyway, I do want to share.  When I look at them from afar like this, it really strikes me how much impact the negative space ones have.  I've seen so many "projects" with positive and negative space just using black and white, but I think it's more important to use full colour.  The impact of going all the way to the edges is really striking.  I would have LOVED to work out some way where we could have merged the two as well (other than trying to do complicated cutting) so that we had NO negative space, but I couldn't work it out in our time frame.

Now we move into some observational drawing which will shake some of them up a bit!

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