12 October, 2014

Life's a Journal

My nearly full journal with the bhuddha one I've just begun and the big one that I've been using on and off over 2006-I've been going over pages.  I love the Loki pussy cat paws in the corner -he watches everything.
As I sit here tonight I realise how drastically Matt and my lives are changing.  Oscar is not living at home, Kit is in Cambodia with school, Ella is in Thailand with school (I had to get her there by 4:30 am for the bus today), Remi's been out all day and here we are at home, just the 2 of us (and a friend stopping by on his way through SG).

Anyway, my journals.  I'm really pleased to say that my teaching is really inspiring my own creativity this year.  I find I'm coming home and spending hours working in my journal.  Which has become journalS.  It's not great work, it's not high art by any means, but by God it's enjoyable.  

I'm really enjoying collaging, playing around with paint and gel mediums and palette knives to texturise my paper.  I've got out my old pastel pencils and been playing around with them, I've bought new markers which I'm loving using.  It really is my switch off and relax time.

Anyway, here's a few pages that I thought I'd share (some of these have been on instagram).  There's some faces (my 4th graders are doing self portraits), lots of collage (I'm loving using pages from my Frankie magazines which have a gorgeous texture and lovely muted colours for my beginning inspirations)

This one began as a pastel drawing which I tried to seal with white glue and it ended up a big muddy mess.  The next day I went back in and over it and the white glue with the pastel grains mixed in made a gorgeous texture to draw on.
Paletted paint on brown paper with sharpie and pastel
This is just "prepped" ready to go...

The brown paper is collage and paint with matte gel with pastels on top (the other tree is an old pencil one)
 The collage on the right is from 2006 when I first moved to CT and didn't have ANY art supplies (I think I made the glue with flour) and the paper was from catalogues, I added to it on the left with pastels on brown paper
The shoes and fence picture courtesy of Frankie magazine, I collaged around it and used palette knife and paint and pastels on top.
Sometimes things are more of a doodle while watching TV.  These circles once again are old, the other collage papers I added on top and I'm expanding the doodle.
This one is awaiting some of my lovely new markers…the picture in the middle is from Frankie magazine as are some of the papers...

this one was also from Frankie and you can see the line…the rest is drawn by me as well as a few extra balloons...

Markers on a page from a Frankie.  I use brush tipped markers ( note the feet on the pages to hold them down.  This sketch book is so full of collaged papers that it is exploding!)

12 different collage images/pages from Franke with markers 

lovely mindless doodling which is my total mind shut down before bed while I listen to audio books.  I find that using the computer so much during the day means that my eyes are toast by the end of the day and I just can not read.
playing around with pastel pencils on paper that I added textured gels to.  The matte gel was really good, but the fibre paste (which I LOVE for painting) was too much for the pastels.

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