25 October, 2014

getting to know you

 A trip to the vet on Thursday and this little girl is a whole other puppy.  I knew that something was just not right with her, but as we are only fostering her at the moment, I had to have the permission of the organisation to take her to the vet.  Finally I convinced them on Thursday and I took her in.
As I suspected, she had giardia and needed some medication.  They also put her on a drip for a while.
The difference is amazing.  She is more relaxed, is eating, playing, biting (I lost a iPhone charging cord to her little puppy teeth) .Within 24 hours her whole demeanour has changed.  She's playful and puppyish and sleeping though the night ( makes it easier for me).
She is such a little sweetie, and I just can't wait until we can adopt her properly.

Wafffle is really not impressed and mostly avoids her.  Loki, on the other hand is fascinated by her and spends all his time trying to sneak up on her.

I'm not sure that he has evil intentions.  He tries so hard to get close enough to sniff her.

She's really not sure yet.
And as for her name; the rescue organisation call her Ana, we call her Meeka, but it's not official until we adopt her.


  1. She is so gorgeous. Maybe Emma come down the rainbow...
    And I love the Loki / Meeka game. Poor Waffles!
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Wonderful, important to have another dog in our family...

  3. She's so gorgeous but what are you going to do at Christmas time? Her little sign is so sad - rescued dog - can she take it off once you adopt her? mum xxx

  4. he he, LOVE the pics with the cat. So funny.


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