08 August, 2014


So Ive nearly completed one week back at work.  It's been a bit frustrating with the new building not yet finished, a camp group in our other class rooms and lots of presentations that we've all heard before.  Typical school stuff really and we should have expected it all.  As far as I know, I've gone from no class room last year to TWO class rooms this year in two different buildings.  It's actually not so bad because I really do 3 days in the Early Years/Lower Elementary side and then 2 days in the Upper Elementary side. It will be a bit like having 2 part time jobs.  But that's two class rooms that I need to set up and it looks like it will all have to be done RIGHT before school starts in just over a week.

Meanwhile:  Our neighbours have been sending us photos of the work on our yard.  Remember how I left the yard a total mess?  Well. on Tuesday, Heather sent me this photo:
And then yesterday we got these photos from Steve:

 Very exciting!  I can't get over how quickly they built those walls!  It will open up that area on that side of the house so much more.  It's LOVELY out there in autumn and winter as that's the side that gets the evening sun (the house is almost directly south facing).  I'm not sure how much we will see of it when we go back in Winter (and by then the back roof may be finished too?), but I suspect this summer I will be spending a lot of time at the garden centre.


  1. oh that's fantastic, bet you are happy xxxx

  2. looking very exciting. Can't wait to spend some autumn / winter time there with you some day...
    Currently I've got ideas for hedgerows in the garden.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. Terrific, it's happening up so fast! mum xxx


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