16 August, 2014

keeping busy

I've no photos to share.  It's been a crazy busy week, and I have been utterly exhausted the last few days.  The school had orientation for parents and students over the last 3 days and we were required to do long shifts of meeting and greeting and seating families (something I find tiring and draining beyond belief).  Neither of my class rooms are ready (I've still not seen the one in the new building as we only got signed off on the building on Friday and poor classroom teachers have had to spend the whole weekend moving in for school to start on Monday).  I took today off and went and had a one and a half hour deep tissue massage which was brilliant, but I am in quite a bit of pain from it right now.  I've spent the evening printing and laminating and I'll head over to school tomorrow and hopefully get into my second room to set it up a bit. If not, I still have things to do in my first room. It may be somewhat quiet around here over the next week or so as I settle into the routine.  


  1. Poor child. I spent an hour and half at Triabunna helping kids with their maths today - had a lovely time, but that's enough!

  2. Honey we don't expect photos because we know you're working really hard. Sorry I haven't rung yet, I've been working up the North West. Just rang Oscar to book into Pashas for dinner tomorrow night for Ken and I because Ken arrives and we've had 7 week break with Ken in England. Oscar answered the phone and will be working tomorrow. He asked me how to spell my name because he couldn't write Nan in the book!! lots of love to you all mum xxx


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