10 August, 2014

Birthday celebrations

****all photos screen shotted from our various instagram accounts****

So Kit is fortunate enough to share his birthday with the nation of Singapore.  15 years ago he was born on Singapore National Day.  Actually, it made deciding what to do on his birthday a bit of a pain.  As a public holiday, everything is more expensive and more crowded.
However, last week Matt short term hired a car.  Which means we basically pay month by month (not cheap here, but cheaper than buying).  And while I'm too scared yet to brave getting out on the roads here (they drive like lunatics) it's good at least in making it easier for us to get out an do things.  

So yesterday, for Kit's birthday we decided to go to Sentosa for the day. 

We took the kids to The Wave House which has flowriding.  This is the same "beach club" where Matt and I went to see Pete Murray in concert a few months ago.  All along the beaches in Sentosa they have these various beach houses and yesterday (and maybe every day) they have ridiculously loud music pumping out of massive sub woofers and speakers (a little unpleasant for my aging ears).
We ate some lunch and then Matt and the kids got up to have a go (we'd booked a 2 pm time slot).

I was in charge of taking photos of everyone with their various phones and itouches.  For the first 40 minutes that meant no photos at all as the moment they got on they were off and shooting up the back as shown in this photo of Kit heading up after falling off. (He did stand up, but I didn't get a photo).
It got to the point where I was scared to jinx them.
Towards the end of their time, though the staff changed over and these guys were really good at getting in and positioning them and showing them how to do it.
Remi got it first.  he's still holding the rope here, but did manage to stay up on his own (once again, I was too busy watching and too scared to jinx them by getting the camera out)

 Poor Ella looked so miserable the whole time.  But I actually think she did enjoy it.
Even Matt got up and going for a bit.
Kit and Remi are keen to go back again, and we may even do another family session there.  The verdict was , though, that it was a lot harder than it looked which justified my decision not to even try.

After that, we moved next door to another club for some drinks in the pool.
We were hoping for somewhere a bit more relaxed, but here they had a dj pumping out some overly loud beats, so it wasn't quite as idyllic as it looks.

By about 4 we were ready to head off, which is probably just as well as everyone (except me!) caught a bit too much sun.

 We went out to dinner at our local place which had TVs set up so everyone could watch the national day parade and celebrations, and picked up a couple of pieces of cake from a bakery as we were walking home.

I think Kit was pretty happy.


  1. Well done, looks like a great birthday Kit. Lots of love & happy birthday!!!!!! I'be been out the last few nights & singing tonight at local pub, but will try and Skype this week. Nan xxxxxx


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