17 July, 2014

out of the loop

the interwebs loop that is!  We have had all kinds of bother with internet connection up here in the wilds of VT.  I have finally relented and come begging for internet from my neighbours.

So, some catching up:
 Matt bought a turntable, a Vermont one, as he also bought a fancy one for Singapore.  We have had fun playing our old records which consist of things like ABBA, the Beach Boys, Wham, and 50 greatest disco hits.  Although I found a fantastic $3 (although it ended up being free) really good condition Blossom Dearie in a bric a brac store here.
 Before Matt came up there were some pretty slack dinners...guacomole for dinner for eg.

 And our new Favourite family game...skipbo.
 There's been swimming in the snow making pond...

 4th of July celebrations with friends where I got to wear boots (yay!) because it was a bit nippy.

 Ella set up a lemonade stand and was quite successful.
 And trips to Albany to both drop off and pick up Matt from Albany for the train to NYC.
 And some gorgeous sunsets on the road.
 I had to scrape back and repaint the front steps as the paint had blistered.  I used deck stain this time.  Such a pain though, because I only painted them last summer.
 I took the kids on a day trip to a marble quarry about 50 mins drive away.  They loved it.  Lots of jumping and loads of kids their ages.

And catfish in the Quarry.
 On the way home we stopped and did some bric a brac shopping...
 And had a coffee.  Ella loves her old polaroid she got for $8.
 I fell in love with this little scrimshaw walrus tusk seal in an exclusive little gallery of inuit art.  He lives in my home now.
 We have had many very thundery evenings.

 We did lots of land clearing and mad discoveries...

 All in preparation for our landscape people who are coming to tear things up next week!
 And a gorgeous full moon driving back from Albany last Friday.
 We stopped for a lobster dinner...
 We made lots of purchases at the Farmer's market last weekend....

 And got an invite to a real barn dance in a real barn which we went to with our neighbours, ate lots of food and tore up the dance floor.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  I want a barn now. (only an instagram repost from Matt as we were all having too much fun).

And a yurt...they also had a yurt....

Meanwhile:  I have also finished painting the back of the house...  and clearing around the shed.

 Kit chose to buy an air rifle with his money from working for our neighbours.
 And since Monday, when I got my new ladder, I've been working on these windows and the wood at the top.

I'm not loving the look of the windows painted with the blue, but we are biting the bullet and getting new windows put in that will be nice and white in the middle (which is why I didn't paint it)

 And I'm still working on my knitting....
 And tomorrow Remi leaves us and heads back down to CT tomorrow.  We will fly out with him in less than 2 weeks!!!!!


  1. Good stuff...don't forget you still have records in Tasmania. May post some photos of my new studio soon.

  2. Wow, I remember Wham! What a fantastic summer you are having, especially like the look of swimming in the quarry and the bushdance. I think you have room for both a barn and a yurt (and a mud brick dwelling is fun to make). I have just returned from hot, humid Seoul where Sarah and I had a lovely week with her mummy. Will post some photos on Facebook. Sitting on the mt with a fire blazing and rain plummeting and nice to have chilly fresh air again. Be careful on the step ladder George! lots of love mum xxx

  3. Beautiful to see. The best New Years Eve I ever had was at a barn dance in a barn.
    The Real Maggie XXXX

  4. How very civilised......Knitting and a glass of red wine. Great to see you on the 4th and hope to see you before you leave either in VT or NYC

  5. it goes by too fast. Pics made me miss Upstate NY... a lot xxx

  6. you have been so busy Auntie Georgia.... so nice t catch up with all your "holiday" activities....XXXX


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