02 July, 2014

hitting the wall

Metaphorically speaking.  Yesterday my neighbour came over with his chainsaw to try and help us out with removing part of the tree trunk.  We got a couple of pieces off, but for the most part it is still a giant stump in the ground.  So I'm going to call someone in.  It feels a bit like defeat, but I now at least have a vision for what I'd like to happen back there which will help, I hope, in making it happen.


  1. Photos or it didn't happen.

  2. Yipppeee I can access my blog so can comment again. I have been following your adventures and very frustrated that I've had to remain silent. I'm using Steve's laptop and won't resume full blogging until I can sit in comfort at my own computer and have everything at my fingertips. So I'm chipping away at my own wall of silence... I'm so glad you're home and crafting it. Maggie XXXX


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