15 February, 2014


Another weekly update! Augh!  I'm as sick of myself for blogging like this as you no doubt are of reading it.  But my blog is partly how I keep track of my life and what's going on, so ....

 On Monday evening I had a professional development course at another international school.  It's always fun getting out to places I wouldn't normally go.
We did 3 projects for improving our PYP art, and honestly I can't say I learnt anything really but OH MY I enjoyed it.  Just sitting with a group of like minded people making things was so therapeutic.
  And I was totally inspired by the elephants in the room:

 oh my how I want to do this!
 I arrived back at work on Tuesday to find this lovely gift from my friend and fellow art teacher, Lindsey

I had another good week getting my kindys to draw animals.  And totally felt justified in giving them pictures of animals to draw from when I was getting work like this!
 of course it wasn't all like that and a lot of it was more like this, but even those who struggle to draw really seemed to benefit from this experience.
 It's all part of my lead into making African animal masks, and I was fortunate enough that one of the teachers brought this in for her class!
 I have aslo been surprised by how many of them have seen the lion king stage production (I showed them a video of the circle of life being performed to inspire them).

 I had to take all of Wednesday afternoon off work to take Kit in to hospital where his foot went from this,

to this:
 yes, he chose the colour and is now back at school.

I also had this delivered on Wednesday and spent the evening cleaning and re organising the kitchen and dining room.

Thursday Matt and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and actually had champagne from wedding gift glasses.  It actually astounds me more that these glasses are that old than we've been married that long!
 I got some beautiful flowers, always a surprise from Matt as they are such a rarity.
 And taken out to a lovely French restaurant.
 Tomorrow we're back having another community painting day at our mural!
And Loki is bigger but still sweet.


  1. Hopefully this will only post once, but not promising, love that you are enjoying teaching so much...could be a job for you in Triabunna sometimes soon, was the bowl a bit of "placement" give my love to the little Phantom and the rest of you of course. Tassie is calling.

  2. Wow, 21 years of marriage - congrats to you both. Big hugs and kisses xxxx


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