16 February, 2014


We had another community art painting day today.  In all honesty, it felt a bit close to the last one and we were scrambling a bit to get the walls primed on Thursday afternoon (we didn't have the kids for CCAs this week as it was supposed to be our week off in between sessions) and we had to get there nice and early to sharpie in the design before people arrived.

I was so happy this week as I got to be a part of that drawing in process (as one of the teachers organising/involved with this, I don't often get to actually paint).  I had fun putting in some animals to the design as this part of the wall goes around a playground, and I thought some hidden animals would be fun.  Only my turtle in the pic below.
 I did a lovely little outline of a monkey being groomed by a baby monkey which totally got lost in translation when the kids went to town with the paint.  Might have to go back and de- muskrat and beaver this!
 Although very happy with how these cockatoos I drew were handled by one of my teacher friends.  Fortunately they were up nice and high!

 Don't think I've ever drawn a cricketer before...small head and a bit strange, but in my mind he's on the padang.
 Quite happy with how the sketch for gardens by the bay turned out, and another friend of mine had staked out this section of the wall to paint but while she was out having lunch some more little kids got a little carried away with it (the same kids as the monkeys!).  May also need some work.
 I love this sketch that Lindsey did, copying exactly a picture submitted by people in the community...except maybe not painted exactly.
 And here's the full extent of the walls going from what we did today on the left behind the playground all the way down to the original mural on the right behind the exercise playground.  There are a few bits of the wall that we haven't painted in the middle as we weren't told to and in this picture they stand out the most!

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  1. Next cricketer drawing, can't have too many cricketers of course, I think you should try for a Ricky Ponting lookalike.


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