05 January, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Saying goodbye at Hobart airport.
This post has been a while in the making.  We arrived home on Friday night after many tears saying goodbye; especially to my nan and my eldest.  Since we've been home I've cleaned out Oscar's room, moved Kit up there, cleaned out Kit's old room, turned it into my new studio room (with space for Matt and his guitars) and helped Ella jazz up and reconfigure her new MASSIVE room.

Kit and Ella start school tomorrow and I'm back teaching on Tuesday although I suspect I'll have to go in tomorrow as I have NOTHING planned or prepared for any of my lessons this week.  Kind of terrifying and makes me want to hide under a rock... or at least in my new studio.

I still have lots of photos from our trip that I want to share.  If nothing else, it helps me document our trip for me.

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  1. aww I just teared up looking at your face xxx


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