02 December, 2013


I had a lovely day on Saturday out with one of my friends.  The worst thing about working is that I hardly ever see my friends any more.  And 2 of them are leaving in December, one in January.  Anyway I had a great day with Ruth; some lunch, a bit of shopping, plus she took me to a whole new place (to me) in Singapore where they have a weekend market and we even went to a great little craft fair.  In typical Singapore wet season fashion, we had to sit out some rain in a Starbucks. Proper heavy rain with thunder and lightening.  I love that this outdoor place had these pull down screens to keep the water out...sort of worked.

 We went to a fantastic little local craft market in the shell of a floor in an office building.  I took this photo looking back towards Marina Bay Sands on the day I went with Ruth...
 And this photo was taken by Ella the next day when I went back and took her.
 It was a great little creative market that had been running on weekends for a few weeks (clever use of space for the venue).
 Lots of sewing and crocheted things, some leather goods, even some ceramics, and yummy cakes

Totally made me want to get back into the crafting game, and totally inspired me. I did get some lovely little gifts there, and have made some more over the 5 day break I've had. 

I was feeling a bit under the weather today so I declined the subbing work I was offered and spent a lovely day Elving with Loki.
Winding a skein of wool into a ball

 There's nothing like sitting in bed, watching movies, making things with my sweet little cat curled up on my lap.  Yes, a bit heavenly. (the movie; Love Actually)
 And today's main project.  A fox.  With attitude.  [And any sisters in law reading this might not want to show said fox to any of my nieces, if you get my drift....I really shouldn't have posted him here, but it's just been SOOO long since I've made something!


  1. A question: From a bloke with bags and bags of leather off-cuts left over from what I actually used...any ideas. And remember art teachers should never stop practicing their art...anyway love
    Dad (using Maggie's computer)

  2. ha ha, Im cracking up laughing!!! LOOOOOVVVVEEEE him xx B and I have been making presses. I just love making gifts and getting made things... its so special.


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