05 November, 2013

Fun with Maggie

On Friday we had lunch at a fancy restaurant up high 

And tried to take Selfies in front of the Merlion

On Saturday we went to Gardens by the bay and had lunch in a fancy restaurant

I was fascinated by this sculpture

And wandered around Marina Bay Shoppes.

On Sunday we went to little India and had lunch and explored Mustafas.

On Monday we went out to lunch at Dempsey Hill and had a wander around Ion at Orchard rd.

Today I had to go to work...and in a few minutes we will call the taxi for Maggie to go off to the airport.

It was so lovely to have her here!


  1. Thanks for that...so how is that sculpture supported? More than just a casual question I may really need to know.

  2. Yes, Dad, that was what fascinated me! We couldn't get any closer, but it appears to be only supported by its hand.


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