28 October, 2013

The view from the couch

The TV here in Singapore is Rubbish.  We have very few channels ( I refuse to pay for all of them), and what's on is often OLD, or if it's something you actually want to watch it's on at totally the wrong time of day.  We rarely ever watch TV, instead limiting our viewing to Apple TV (although I lost everything I ever bought when I updated my credit card with my Singapore address, so I'm not too happy with apple TV right now) and You Tube.  So imagine our joy when we discovered that BBC entertainment is re running all the doctor who episodes since the reboot (the new series) every night...2 episodes starting at 7:30.  

It has become Ella and my tradition (the true DW die hard fans) to sit down every night at 7:30 for our dose of DW.  (although we missed Friday night because we had the school halloween party).  As things go around here, often it's just Ella and I home on a Saturday night.  Oscar works, Matt has post game rugby commitments, Remi and Kit often go out or hide in their rooms.  So us girls have the couch.  And we like to sit and craft (after all we've seen all these episodes a bazillion times and they don't need our undivided attention).

And Loki comes too.  He mostly runs around terrorising us...tangling himself in my wool, using the couch as a grappling device, but he does eventually get tired, and what better place to sleep than under a big thick, hot piece of knitting (yes, I do have to have the air con on when knitting with this on my lap!)

 And yes, he really is that cute.  He is the sweetest kitten I have ever had.

I've been working on this rug for the floor for the last week or so.  It's easy to do, so I can concentrate on it when I get home from work.  I love it.  I will have to either felt it or put some kind of backing on it.  I'm still grappling with getting the dimensions right.  Because the stripes go length ways it looks long...getting it wide enough is the challenge, and I will certainly have busted my stash by the time I finish this!
 Oh and Ella was happy to discover that her mini Fez she made last year fits Loki...not that we are up to the Matt Smith episodes yet.
And for those asking about how Waffle is coping...she HATES him.  She won't go anywhere near him and hisses and spits when she sees him.  It's a bit of a struggle making sure they don't come face to face because I worry that she'd kill him.  He's fascinated by her, but the moment she hisses he gets so scared.  I'm hoping it's just a matter of time and them getting used to each other....or else him growing big enough to protect himself!


  1. oh NOOOO Waffle!!!!! Hopefully with time it will be good. We have been thinking about getting another puppy but worried what Aggie will do!!!! Knitting looks fab. Clever chook xxx

  2. He's a cute little kitty! Those ears are amusing though. Pinkle sitting here and she agrees! xx

  3. what fun you are having with Maggie ...being the tour guide...and that kitty is just tooo cute ..loving those piece of art work too Ella ...XXXX


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