24 October, 2013


My new boyfriend!  I miss him soooooo much when I'm at work.  And this has been a loooong week.  We had to do our mid semester reporting this week....and the computer system is such that we could only do our inputting at school (remember I teach nearly 300 kids).  Last 3 days I've left home before 7 am and got home after 7pm ...And how I've missed this little guy.  And Ella, who has been sick at home the last 3 days (poor her, having to get well with the cutest little Kitten).  Done some great art work this week....interestingly doing things for our art show we are having in a few weeks rather than the curriculum stuff...will show and tell next week when I have time to take photos.


  1. Hi Georgia!!!

    I found your comment in my last post of Singapore!!!!
    I'm Italian and I live in Jakarta, because of my husband work : he is a geologist in an Italian oil company!
    I travel around the world since I was a very young kid!!!

    Next time I'll be in Singapore, I'm going to tell you!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. awww, how is he getting along with your other cat?


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