18 October, 2013

Out and about with Ella

I really needed this break this week.  It has been so nice to sleep in, to hang out with the kids, watch TV with them late at night (instead of racing off to bed at 9pm), and to have the chance to get out and about.  

Ella and I usually spend a day together on the weekend, although over the last few weeks I've been so busy that we haven't been able to as much.  Here's some photos from two of our outings...showing just a little bit more of Singapore.

 We had lunch at SunTec city the other day.  I remember SunTec as being the flashest newest mall when we lived here before and I really wanted to go back and have a look.  Today it seems so dated and weird.  I did love the anti glare film they had on the windows of the cafe downstairs, though, and the strange effects it produced.
 We went to the Art and Science museum a few days ago to see the Mummy Exhibition.  We literally asked for directions on how to get there as we were standing right outside.  The building has a really distinctive shape when seen from afar, but underneath it, we just didn't recognise it.
The exhibition was pretty good, Ella loved the activity pack they had for kids.  But we were so cold after being in the air con for a while that we had to go out and stand in the sun to thaw out...but only to a certain point!

  I have no idea what that stadium is used for across there...dragon boat racing?

 The kind of spouty thing in the distance in the middle of this photo is the Merlion...which for anyone who hasn't been to Singapore in a number of years should tell you how much this area has changed!


  1. I love the Lotus flowers, and I'm glad you can find these lovely scenes amongst the cityscape. mum.xx

  2. Great photos. Wow Singapore has really changed!!!!


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