12 October, 2013

In Preparation

 It seems that Ella starts thinking about her Halloween costume at least a year before the event.  For the last many months she has been collecting images on pinterest and thinking about her costume for this year.
 Today was the test run day.
 And while we didn't do the hair properly and couldn't find the ribbons we had bought, and REALLY struggled with eyebrows (about 6 goes over 20 minutes of absolute hysterics; who knew eyebrows could be so funny!) I think it looks pretty good.
 We also have some false eyelashes for the event.

 [The pink head and hair line comes from being away at school camp on a tropical island off the coast of Malaysia for the last week and snorkeling lots (Kit spent the week in Chang Mai, Thailand)]
 I think we could work a bit more on the lines for the arms and fingers...that was kind of an after thought.

Excuse the last few blurry photos.  Oscar has his 3rd photography job today and has once again taken all my lenses, so I'm using the old manual focus one.  My eyes just aren't good enough for it!


  1. Wow! Suitably awesome and gruesome head but gorgeous dress! And great make up! mum/Nan xxxxx

  2. What are Oscar's photography jobs? That sounds exciting!!! I thought I'd read on to see what I'd missed over the past week or so, but couldn't fin d anything so I hope you get this message. mum xxx

  3. rosie said she wants to be like Ella for Halloween too


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