13 September, 2013


It seems that weekly blog postings is all I can manage at the moment. Sincerest apologies.

This week has been, well, long and tiring.  I still have so much to get my head around with work...not just planning lessons, but the paper work that goes with working in an IB school.  Not to mention that this week I had to be at school 2 nights from 6-9 and that I've now also started doing Co Curriculars after school (which I love actually- I'm teaching needle felting and crochet to groups of around 6 middle school girls).  And this week Remi has his wisdom teeth out which meant I had to run him round to dentists on Monday (my other planning day) AND I have a training course at school ALL. WEEKEND.  And next weekend I'm in Vietnam, so I have to really plan ahead.

Today is my get on with it and get some work done day which I have been doing all day, but I thought I needed a break...so here I am.

I do have some photos to share (hallelujah iPhone).  Some are rathe random, but it is, at least, an attempt at documenting the last week:

 I've taken to taking surreptitious photos of weird things on the MRT (subway)...like this guy who just felt like wearing monster shoes out in public one day.
 And this guy who was working frantically on some amazing illustration (cartoon/graphic novel I think) and no one was paying him the slightest bit of attention.  I wanted to get up really close and see, but he was really off in his own world.
 From last Friday night when Matt and I went out to dinner and managed to catch up with our friends from the US who now live here (for only the second time in a year...seriously.)
 And the very cool tiles at the restaurant (it was South American).
 Also from last Friday...after spending the whole day wandering around down there with Oscar, I thought it only fitting that I take a night shot
 A great view out the window while we were waiting for the lift after picking up my new glasses on Orchard Rd.  It always surprises me when I get a view how small SG really is!
 Out the window of my 4th grade art room during a lesson (they were drawing).  Seriously, the rain we have had lately!
 I'm hoping that no one will be able to recognise any faces in this one...we're not really supposed to put images of the kids in public spaces, but this was my best lesson (most fun and productive) so far.  KG2 (5 year olds) making a group collage of their houses from around the world (not my idea...I'm relying heavily on the other teacher who teaches the rest of KG2 and Grade 1 for direction for those classes at the moment).
 And kind of another one of my students.  One of the teaching assistants who is "helping out" in my needle felting class...all teachers have to do one CCA, so I guess she and her friend chose what they would like to do.  She'd just been in the Grade 1 class I'd had last period (a very noisy and rambunctious group)...and the needle felting by comparison was SOOOOO chilled.  I had them making moustaches, although if they didn't want to that was fine too.  I can really just sit back and relax in that class...although the crochet one is a bit more work.
And here's a totally shattered me (in my new glasses) giving poor little Rem Rem some loving.  He's been such a trouper with having those teeth out...he's off to Malaysia next week with school, so he has to take care of himself.

Matt and Oscar are in Hong Kong this weekend for a rugby thing...Matt's back Sunday, but Oscar's staying on his own 'till Wednesday.  It's a bit like Picadilly circus in the house right now.

Have a great weekend...and think of me plugging away at my "making the PYP happen" workshop.


  1. Good stuff, how is Rem's project going? he could always email it to me for comment, am sort of used to that sort of stuff this year, up to draft 3 of my exegesis...am really getting to the sharp end of the hardest and weirdest uni year I have experienced...anyway you just get ready for Saigon...and don't forget your real camera I expect to see heaps of photos, even if it is no longer my Saigon.
    Lots of love,

  2. You're making Singapore look very exciting - except for poor Rem and his wisdom teeth. Still, once my split lips and bruised face healed, I never regretted having mine extracted... Enjoy Viet Nam, you lucky things.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. ahhh frantic crazy times. Hopefully it will all settle into place soon. Ill shoot you more ideas as I think of them! Your glasses are cool, and so different to your last! More pics! Love it how you can so easily fly to other countries. Happy recovering Rem. xx

  4. Oh it's good to hve the time to catch up with what's been happening with you. Sounds very busy. I hope by the time you see this you'll have had a great weekend in Vietnam and that Remi is fully recovered and enjoying Thailand.

    mum xxx


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