24 September, 2013

I promise...

I will be back later in the week with a Ho Chi Minh City round up.  It was fab, I am totally exhausted and I have school work to do.  Watch this space later in the week.

Just quickly though, I have to give a plug to my wonderfully gorgeous and talented friend Em (aka Emily Falconbridge) who is organising what looks to be a wonderful little event happening early 2014 in Bali.  Unfortunately it is right smack bang in the middle of school so I can't get away and join her and her other creative friends (old and new), but I thought I would pass it on in this space for those who might be lucky enough to be able to go:

january 18-25
outside of ubud, bali
a 7 day feast for the soul...
as a tribe of women we will gather for a retreat in beauteous bali to restore ourselves amidst culture, creativity, nature and self-care.


  1. And I thought you went to Saigon.

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  3. I was being correct.

  4. Have never heard any of my Vietnamese connections, including those who fought on the other side (North) ever refer to it as anything other than Saigon

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