02 August, 2013

Bear with me

For some reason one of the last posts I wrote up before I left didn't save or post...not really sure why.  So, please bear with me while I post these last lot of photos to close the summer down.
 "Oscar's" room, although when he will next stay here, I don't know.

 Looking through to the "bunk room"or Kit and Remi's room

 Ella's room

 With her new gorgeous guard bear "Monty".  He's staying in VT (she had the option).  She's wanted one of these bears for years.  They have weighted feet and are the most delightfully cuddly things.  And she's happy that he's there waiting for her to come home next year, because out of all of our children this house is most definitely where Ella feels most at home.
 I did a bit of work in the little upstairs bathroom.  Not much, just some tiling.  I have these two enlarged photos on the wall in there that Oscar took when he was 13 and went to Paris with school.  He took them with a little point and shoot camera, but I absolutely love them.

 Not the easiest thing to tile around the curved edges there, and not the neatest job, but it is better than the messiness that used to occur on the painted top.  One day I will redo this bathroom properly...the floor tiles, done by the previous owners, are cracking and have no proper gaps between them, and this little vanity is just so wrong for this room...too big and the tiny sink splashes water everywhere....but for now this is an improvement.

So that's those.

We had a lovely last few days in CT with our friends, although I had really painful ear infections and was not much chop.  Fortunately my antibiotics kicked in just enough before I flew that I wasn't in too much pain.

We made it back alive (although fairly exhausted) yesterday morning and I had a good night's sleep so hopefully the I won't be too lagged by the jetting.

Very strange to be back.  As always.  Waffle seems very pleased to have us all around again.


  1. The house looks so beautiful and will be there waiting for you. I loved that photo that Oscar took looking up through the Eiffel Tower and tried to replicate it when I was in Paris and mine wasn't half as good. It must be lovely to see the rest of the family (even though you only mentioned the cat!) Can't wait to hear about your new job - Jake has been in his for a week now and Sarah arrives for a fortnight on 9th August!

    Wish I could ring you. mum xxx

  2. Oscar's pics look great, especially love the top one. Always LOVE seeing house pics. And love the pic above Ella's bed. Never tire of your house pics. What a pain on the ear infection. Hope you are all back to normal. Cant wait to hear about your job. You are going to rock xxx


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