08 July, 2013


Time is slipping by here ever so quickly. Oscar is already back in Singapore and probably already back at work, Remi leaves today to go down to Connecticut until the weekend when he and Matt fly back to Singapore.

In amongst the rainy days we have made a start in the garden, painted the front portico (although I'm not happy with my colour placement...I was out of white paint so painted the columns French blue and it's just not right...will have to get some more white), done a big house clean and not much else really.

We have instead been enjoying being here. My dear friend Hilde came up for the 4th of July weekend. We had some fun showing her around. We had a lovely evening on the 4th sitting out by the fire here star gazing (Ella and I got to see our first shooting star), on Friday we went for a hike up Bromley Mt in the morning and over to our friends' in the evening for a big 4th of July fireworks party where the (amazing) fireworks were almost out shadowed by the thunderstorm that preceded them. We got to catch up with lots of people there - it was like a reunion.

Fortunately Saturday was clear again and Hilde, Ella and I headed off to the Vermont country store and the farmers' market (getting waylaid slightly by the 4th of July parade).

(photos taken by the river at the farmers' market while we waited for the traffic to clear a bit).

Saturday afternoon Hilde drove home, and we had dinner with our neighbours before going with them to a "beatles" concert in the ski lodge at Magic Mt...a band here called the "butties" who play Beatles music. It was fun, and they are a great band (one of the guitarists is an actor who played the lawyer in the TV show Scrubs). And we danced through the night....

Life is quite surreal right now. I just finished listening to a fantastic audio book called The Doomsday Book (I think). It's sci fi with some time travel, and I really relate to that right now...I almost feel like we've travelled back in time coming here and that all too soon we will go back to the future.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely weekend Georgia! What a georgious place you have. And Vermont is so beautiful. It was SO hot coming back to the city...
    Say hi to your lovely and fun crowd!

  2. Enjoy and enjoy

  3. Sounds wonderful - no place like home...

  4. Wow, I'd missed this one with my involvement in Festival of Voices this week. What a great time you're having and how lovely to spend time with all those friends!The Country Store - my favourite shop! mum xxx


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