26 May, 2013

Things making me happy

We are really getting to the wind up time of year right now.  Kit and Ella have 3 performances of Peter Pan over the next few days and have been rehearsing morning noon and night, or so it seems.  

Remi had prom.  Which required buying him a suit (fortunately we were able to take advantage of some serious sales) as there was no way he was fitting into Matt's tux.

 Although he did manage to wear Matt's spatts.
 Every man and his dog, or so it seems, is leaving Singapore meaning that facebook is awash with items for sale.  And so I managed to pick up a reasonably cheap treadmill.  Very happy about this as it has become too, too hot and sunny for walking or running outside.
 And I was most amused when Ella sent me this little GIF she made the other day.
A busy week ahead, and off to Hong Kong on Friday for the weekend for some rugby watching and catching up with friends.


  1. Wowsers Rem looks great. Love the green tie and spats.
    I thought for an awful moment that Waffles was trapped on the treadmill - but I worked it out...
    Enjoy Hong Kong - lucky thing.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. wow very snappy look Rem, and the spats look great! have a lovely time in Honkers. mum xx

  3. looking good Rem.... and greta job finding the treadie. Im off for a run now!


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