30 May, 2013

I must be BONKERS

It's been a busy busy week.  I have spent every day in at school helping the art teachers to set up their end of year REALLY BIG art show.  While climbing up and down a ladder a million times to hang things in Singapore heat (no air con in the hallways and we can't have the fans on because we're hanging things) is not my idea of fun, planning out concept displays, making trees out of crepe paper bashing out ideas with the teachers and making it all come together most certainly is.  There have been some other parent volunteers, but I took it upon myself to be the point of contact between parents and teachers.  And even though I collapse in a heap at the end of the day, I've loved every minute of it.

In amongst that, and after MONTHS of hard work, Kit and Ella (and lots of other very talented students) had their 3 performances of Peter Pan the musical.
 Ella was a lost boy (middle row second from the left)
 and Kit was Mr. Darling and loved the fact that he got to wear tails!
Ella again (far right) singing the uggawagg  song.

These photos very kindly came from someone on Facebook (not even sure who) because on the night of their performance, I'd been at school working on the art show from 9 am until their show at 7:30 pm and hadn't had a chance to go home and get my camera.  Oooops.  Oh yes, I am wearing the bad mother hat of shame.

I will, however, remember to take my camera to the art show next Wednesday, and I've even packed the little portable one into my suitcase for our trip to HONKERS this weekend.  An early start as our plane leaves at 6:30 am tomorrow.  If I'm honest, I probably would have preferred a nice quite weekend this weekend...but no, it's off to watch the British Lions and the Barbarians play rugby, to see a big Buddha, and to catch up with some old friends.  Then back on Sunday evening and straight into our last full week of school!  Next week: the art show, Kit's 8th grade graduation ceremony and dinner (end of middle school), then the following Monday my biggest baby turns 19!!! (holy smokes), and then 2 days later we fly out to London for 4 days, Darien CT for a week then up to our house in VT until the end of July.  My head is reeling just thinking about it!


  1. Ella looks like she's really into that role and I love Kit in the tails! I'm glad someone took photos! nan xxx

  2. oh wow Georgia... i haven't been able to catch up with your blog for ages ...we have had 12 days in New Zealand ..family reunion with a side of the family i didnt even know i had...great time....hope you enjoy your trip back home ..sure you will blog ...XXXX


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