14 April, 2013

oh yes, I miss it

So have you had enough of Remi blowing out candles?  Oh the things that amuse me!  I'm nearly all better; have had a very busy week with Catherine, our live in maid starting, getting back into doing my (non-paid, non-official) teaching, and trying to readjust to the heat and the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore.

But before I let the trip slide into the past, I have to revisit some of my favourite photos and memories.  For you see, after 17 years of since we left our home state, I totally fell in love with it again.

On the first day we were in Tassie, Matt's parents drove us around...down to Richmond (to Australia's oldest bridge -which was the same age as our house in Connecticut, the old goal, maze, meat pies at the bakery) and then on to Kit's request which was to swim at a beach.  First we went to this beach which was at extremely low tide, and while it made for gorgeous pictures, it was not quite what Kit had in mind for a swim....
 So we drove around the bay a bit to this beach...one that I spent many a day on as a child...and Kit and Ella both got a swim.

Matt and I have often talked about how we think that part of the reason we fell in love with Vermont was how it reminded us of Tasmania. And where Matt's brother and his family live is just gorgeous...bush and farmland and definitely something like Vermont.
 We went traipsing down the (very low after a very dry summer) creek.  Kit is missing Honey and spent a lot of time giving love to any dog he could find.  Dear little Aggie is the most patient of pups.

 I think for Ella a highlight of the trip was spending time with her cousins. Crazy and creative, into Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, these 6 got on really well together.
 While for me, I had the best time with one of my best friends, and one of the nicest people I know in the whole wide world!  Love you Chels!

The pigs next door
The pond at Dave and Chelsea's house, looking down their property

And for me, a highlight was getting to celebrate my grandmother's 86th birthday with my family.
 Nan said when we brought out the cake, "Oh, I can't remember the last time I had a birthday cake!" Precious!
 This was the day that Matt and Remi arrived (they came straight from the airport) and Ella was really happy to see her big brother again.
 And the thing that is missing in Vermont...the sea.  I always knew growing up that I was lucky to be constantly surrounded by the sea.  The moods of the day, the reflections seep into your soul. I miss that.  Funny saying that, living on such a small island as Singapore (we read while we were in Tassie that Singapore has the same land mass as Bruny Island), but here I hardly ever see the sea.

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