14 April, 2013

And speaking of the sea

* continued from the last post
My heart catches in my throat when I look at these photos again.  The beauty of the East coat of Tassie is just so incredible.  The colour of the sea on the days when we were there were like something on a tourist poster.  Although I know the sea here can be grey and rough and even when it is gorgeous like this, it is still cold.

The Hazards (Coles Bay) in the distance

Any opportunity and Kit was in the water

 When we got to Falmouth, Ella was really excited to see the dead and rotting whale washed up on the beach.  Someone had already taken the jaw bone...
 But there was still some of the carcass to see.
 Kit was just eager to get into the water again...
 Although it was cold...
 But it is just STUNNING
 The big beach is mostly inaccessible as there is a vast expanse of wetlands behind the beach.

 The only way to get across is to cross this inlet when the tide is low...
 ...or if you are Kit, to swim across...

 We got back to our friend Colleen's house to watch the sun go down ...
 And in the morning the light of the sun coming up was spectacular.

 As the tide was low, we all headed down to the beach for a quick swim before we headed off again.

 Well, Kit at least went in the water.  We couldn't believe that we had this beach entirely to ourselves.  The very touristy town of Scamander, is at the other end of the beach, but this time of year, we had the beach to ourselves.

 We will definitely take Colleen up on her offer to come and visit again (she's a friend of my mum who has stayed with us a number of times in the US)

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