06 February, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Best photo ever!
Yesterday my lovely girls and I had lunch at the Cricket club to celebrate my birthday.  We realised we had no photos taken during lunch, so we set up the camera on some bleachers and had some fun with the self timer! I love the result.
Today was Matt's birthday.  He took the day off work and we had a nice time together.  Had our outdoor furniture delivered and had grand plans of birthday dinner on the roof, but it rained!  
Funny week this week with Chinese New Year.  Trying to get Remi's air conditioner fixed, but everything just stops for the next week!  4 day long weekend coming up.  Hope the rain stays away....


  1. Happy birthday! You're looking good!

  2. Good one Snork, happy birthday to Matt.

  3. Great photo, great dress.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. I love your dress too George, that's a rally happy photo. xxx mum

  5. Happy birthday to you both xxx

  6. he he, love it. And look at you hottie! So glad you have found such a great bunch of girls there. I wanna see your outdoor furniture too xx


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