12 January, 2013

snow white tail

Remember this guy from last week?  Well, I thought I should show you how he turned out.  Not all my designs pass the test and get made up, but there was something about this rabbit that I really liked and with a bit of tweaking to the design, he ended up like this:
 And I still really like him with his velveteen body, BUT....unfortunately, there's just not enough contrast between the white of his tail, feet, chest and nose and the heavy weight calico that I've had to resort to using as my canvas stash is getting very low.  Sad face.
 Actually, it's not too bad in good light, but at night his whole shape changes.

 So, I thought I'd give him another run:
More tracing, cutting, (the instructions there are to remind me of the order in which to iron and sew the bits of body)
Ironing, cutting, carefully placing, ironing and sewing, 
 Here he is, a version in grey corduroy with a purple velvet nose.  He is all sewn together now, but I didn't get a chance to take another photo as I have been required to leave the house for various children/food shopping etc related things.
( I feel a bit like I have an addiction and every spare moment is spent working away in my study).


  1. Oh, I liked him before - a very smart chap. I could see him in a Kangol cap. I have been reading a book about witchcraft with Samhain this afty - 25 degrees and freezing. We were snuggled up in my quilt. Got me thinking I'd rather like a white hare called Beltane...

  2. he he, you are addicted. I LOVE it, love seeing them all. xox


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