10 January, 2013

Pillow tops and a bit of a gripe

Some more pillows in the works.  I like to make a bunch of tops first and then spend a day or so putting them together in to pillows.
  Not sure  why the tree photo is blurry; I think I was concentrating on trying to keep Waffle out of the picture....
 ...and then I gave up.

It's been a bit of a BLEGH week for me.  It feels like everything that could have gone wrong has from ridiculous hospital "deposits" which then take them 3-4 weeks to return (Yes, we have a spare $4000 lying around each month!), to issues with my US license running out BEFORE I can get an appointment to switch it over here, to the fact that the Heat n Bond light which is an essential part of making these pillows (it's an iron on adhesive) costs $59 here compared to $7.87 a roll in the US.  That's one hell of a mark up!  And I probably get through 8 cushions per roll.  Any kindly US friends who are happy for me to ship to them so they can ship to me would be greatly appreciated! Oh and I can't find canvas anywhere (which is what I sew on) although I haven't yet tried an art supply shop I've spied (partly because I always worry about my self control in places like that; hardware stores, stationary stores, fabric, art and craft stores are just about my idea of heaven!).  Oh and have I mentioned the pools and puddles, waterfalls and oceans of sweat?  Probably shouldn't really.


  1. Very clever idea to fund a hospital - might put it in the staff suggestion box at work tomorrow.
    Apart from that, Oh Dear George! Shall I start hunting Wentworth / Mildura for tape and canvas? Your Papa can't help cos he's got a gammy knee at present! Is online shopping no help?
    Lots of love and positive thoughts...
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Am very intrigued that art supplies are more expensive in Singapore than NEUSA, je pense you need to find another supplier....the driver's license could be a real hassle...the hospital thing is a bit nasty...do the locals have to play that game as well?
    Actually I realised I buy virtually all my serious art supplies on line nowadays along with our wine of course. Post Offices are a very different business to what they used to be.
    Did try to skype you earlier but you were obviously out the back checking your water supplies...when does Honey arrive?...that will make everything better.

  3. Hi George, I just love the panda cushion, and can see why it attracts a furry friend!

    Sorry to hear about all your frustrations...should I have a look in spotlight here for your heat and bond tape etc.?

    I will also try and ring you about this. I hope the driver's licence sorts out. Life is a challenge somedays...on my first day back at work after 2 weeks off, I was awoken at 6am by the fire alarm beeping loudly as the battery had decided that morning to need changing!

    love mum xxx

  4. ship anything you like to me and i'll mail it to ya! do you still get joanns coupons emailed to you? lots of deals...


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