24 January, 2013

A waffle break

I expect everyone is getting a bit sick of my continual posting of my sewing exploits.  I am almost getting to the point where I'm a bit sick of it all myself.  But I really want to try to make some money at this craft fair coming up, so I am working really hard to get things finished.  Who knows?  I may actually sell some things!
  Fortunately I have the cute little cat to keep me entertained.  I've been trying to photograph her lately in an interesting pose; thinking along the lines of a cat pillow design, but it is very difficult to photograph a curious kitten (unless they are asleep, but then the moment I go to get my camera, she's up and following me around).
But I couldn't resist a Waffle photo shoot when she was playing in this plastic bag the other day.
This cat has the longest and sharpest claws!

 It's quite amazing how well the iphone camera picks up the lint all over the couch...although I might have something to do with that little problem...


  1. If you turn Waffle into a pillow (so to speak) you perhaps should put a "under no circumstances to be purchased by Geelong supporter" sign on the label.
    Enjoyable photos, good little camera... for some reason, even though with my new phone the camera in it is probably better than my actual camera I still find taking photos with my phone somehow not quite right, but then again I find smsing something I don't do naturally...your Dad must be getting old, possibly a generation older than you.
    from the old bloke

  2. I'm wondering if you could make a cushion like photo 4 - ie to give the impression a cat is peering from under it.

  3. I've popped in from Ric Rac blog but couldn't see your email address on your profile. When your iPad freezes, which it will do whenever you move away from the comment box, close the keyboard, tap the screen where you want to continue writing or edit something and this should open the keyboard again. Hope this helps; it works for me every time (the hard part is getting the cursor exactly where I want it!)


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