27 November, 2012

Up to mischief

This gorgeous little girl has been settling in very nicely.  She has a name: Waffle which is partly from the fact that she is W arm A nd F uzzy and partly because this little cat loves waffles (and muffins, bread etc).  I took her (yes her) to the vet yesterday and he thinks she's around 6 months old as she has nearly all her teeth.  So I guess she will just be a very little cat.  She's going back in 3 weeks to get spayed.
 And it's not only sweet little cats that get up to mischief.  While I have been very busy recently making things for the school craft fair on Saturday, I did get a little sidetracked yesterday and started this bag.
I'm actually really happy with it, although it started with a bit of a mistake.  I used the wrong ink on my stamps and they trees didn't come out very well.  I then tried to wash them off...it blurred the paint, but left the imprint of the trees.  So I got out my trusty embroidery thread and voila!
 You can see the texture of it better from this angle.  Once again, trying to take photos in the dark.
 On the back is a pocket.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or put it in the fair...I'm not sure I can justify selling it for under $20 (the limit of this fair).

I've also been getting stuck into the knitting.  I saw this stitch on pinterest, and I really liked the texture and was trying desperately to think of a project to use it on. It's just a knit 1, purl 3 rib, but you alternate every 3 rows.
 I'm using 3 strands of wool, so it's really squishy (I'm totally stash busting) and I'm planning to turn it into a rug for the floor.  I'll have to back it in canvas and probably even then do something to stop it slipping around everywhere, but it feels nice underfoot, and if I can't have woolly blankets here, I can at least still come into contact with wool.
And even more mischievous?  Well, me and my gal pals are off to Indonesia on the ferry for the day tomorrow to a spa where we will be getting 6 different treatments for the price of 1!  We'll be up early and gone all day, and we are all soooo excited.  Feels really, really naughty somehow.


  1. Yes it does sound really naughty...so why not.

  2. clever girl. I love all your creations x HAve fun at the day spa xx

  3. Wow, glad you're getting creative again. And what a terrific idea to head to Indonesia for a spa day - because you can!!! Send pics please - not of the bodies but the facilities and the scenery. mum xxx

  4. Mum: I like the new kitty, and thought the photos were fantastic and surreal but my favouriste was Ella draped over the dragon! I can't scroll through them all again to write something so I'm doing it here, love mum xxx

  5. wow Georgia ...you have been busy...LOVE that embroidered bag....


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