23 November, 2012

Post card from Singapore: Gardens by the bay

Warning: this is a very photo heavy blog post!

Today Oscar, Ella, Matt and I went to the Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay. (Kit was at a birthday party, Remi had school). This is a really new development, and it is quite amazing.  I'm not sure what I liked more; the gardens, the sculptures, or just the architectural brilliance.  Either way, it was a photographer's paradise and Oscar and I kept grabbing my camera off each other (although I edited these photos).  The sky was dark and stormy, and when we were in the domes it was raining.  But that dark sky and diffused light really does make interesting photos...

A Vietnamese restaurant is at the top of this column.  Think we might have to check it out...can you imagine sitting out there on the balcony at night?


I love that these toilets warn you what is inside...so you don't accidentally end  up in a squat toilet.

And we made it back to the MRT station while we could see lightning and hear thunder all around us.  Definitely a place to recommend.


  1. What would we do without digital cameras...I am somewhat disappointed you didn't get a unit in one of the top of one of those three buildings with the skateboard thing on top...obviously not running out of room in Singapore...was/is that complex paid for/owned by by drug dealers, street hawkers, Shanghai ex-pats, or possibly lawyers working for hedge funds or the people who sell Australia oil (therefore us actually)...very Dubaish.
    love from the edge of the outback

  2. No, Dad, that is a hotel complex with shoppes and a casino. At the top is a boat and you can go up there for a meal and drinks ( you'll pay for it though)

  3. Also,the thing about not running out of room...the whole of Marina Bay area is reclaimed land....the shape of Singapore has changed considerably since we lived here before....they just land fill the edges to make it bigger.

  4. these are FANTASTIC. Loved these pics, especially the black and white looking through the frame work to the wheel. LOVE it! Know where I wanna visit when I come!!!

  5. And therefore another question...where do they get the "fill" (dirt, rocks, rubbish or whatever) to continue to extend,as opposed to reclaim, the bay? In Dubai they have more than enough sand just out the back, but in Singapore?
    Dad, always the planner

  6. In other areas, Dad, they use rubbish....mmm....I assume all the building of huge malls with underground basement levels and apartments require that land fill stuff gets taken out of the ground and moved elsewhere.... See if you can find somewhere online that shows maps of Singapore over the last 100 years or so to look at the changing coast line. Beach Rd, used to be on the beach and is now a few km inland.

  7. just magical Georgia...those first pics of the flower shaped sculptures were amazing... puts us humans in our place in the whole scheme of things i think...love the last one with the magic eye Ferris wheel set against the storm laden sky and the city sky scrapers...very picturesque.


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