21 November, 2012

Ella's early birthday surprise

Turn up the volume so you can hear Ella's voice!
We had promised Ella a cat for her birthday.  But I had said to her that I wasn't sure of the timing of it.  I had mentioned to my friends that I was looking to adopt a kitten, and one of them put me in touch with another woman who had a "very sweet little cat" hanging around their apartment block that needed a home.  Street cats are quite common here (although not as common as they used to be) but they are not usually friendly.  This little cat (we're not really sure if it's a boy or girl) is so affectionate.
 I didn't tell Ella (or anyone other than Matt and Oscar) and I was dying for her to come in the door.  She was late, so I texted her that she needed to come home right away as there was something I needed her to do.

 That's what I say to her in the video...that she has to come and name her cat.

 She hasn't settle on a name yet...partly because we're not convinced of the gender...but "Felix" is looking like a possibility


  1. Ohhhhh I'm crying!!! How sweet is that!!!!!! You know, I think JoJo has a good ring to it ;)

  2. that made me cry too, so beautiful. Love it when she says "I love him". SO special xxxx


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