12 November, 2012

putting it all together

 I did yet another trip to IKEA last week, and have spent a few days putting together furniture and organising things around here.  I bought a replacement book case for the one that was broken in the move.  I decided I really didn't like seeing all the backs of the books (we left 4 massive bookcases worth of books behind in VT), so I hung up some old curtains I made out of a sari that my brother in law brought me back from India years ago.  Not sure if you can see it, but the red bench down in the entry way is the left over bits of the old bookcase with another old curtain over them.  They make quite a good bench and I honestly don't know how to get rid of them here, so they can stay there for a while.

 Oh and that bowl on the coffee table (no not the big huge, gorgeous huon pine one that my Dad made in the corner which is waiting for us to get a big enough coffee table) I bought recently at a craft fair.
It's African, and I love it.  
 I'm not sure things are where they are going to stay, but it's looking more like our house right now.
 The other big purchase was a wardrobe for Kit who has spent the last 6 weeks with all his clothes all over the floor.  This was probably the most complicated IKEA thing I've put together and took me the better part of yesterday.
 It is nice to see his bedroom floor...
 And finally the little landing outside our bedroom.  I would really like to put a bookcase up here and change it around a bit, but in theory it's a little area for me with the computer and a big chair that I inherited from a friend here when they couldn't fit it into their apartment.
A nice place to sit, listen to music and knit.

And speaking of knitting, I'm starting to have cravings.  Saw this post on Purl Bee this morning and really want to use some of my hand spun wool.  Because I love cowls.  But really?  It is going to be a very, very long time until I will wear one again (and I brought two of mine with me...).
Oh and that bit of sari fabric hanging there will get made into something.  I cut up the rest of it and made a curtain for my room, but I'm having trouble hanging it.
And apologies for somewhat blurry photos.  As you can see, it's coming home from school time so it's raining.


  1. ahhh my chair!! It looks like it was meant for that space :)
    BTW....you need a proper chair for your desk, you will end up with backache my dear! x

  2. Well done for putting together the Ikea wardrobe - no mean feat! The rooms look lovely. mum xx

  3. I usually stand Jo, when I'm doing quick things, which is what I do for the most part. I do like a place to park my butt though, and it's such a high desk, that it has to be a stool.

  4. looking "live in" Georgia...bet it is so nice to have your own bits a bobs around you again? loving it..keep the pics coming...(just one thing...how long do you expect that floor in a certain boys room to stay like that???? he he)

  5. Yes, much more like your house.
    And you know your father well...

  6. I see miss Mushie!!!! Love it xx The sari looks great. Dave was supposed to go to India in 2 weeks but has had to cancel it now. I need to paint a lounge room.. always think of you when painting rooms is on the cards!!!!!


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