08 November, 2012

A gift for a friend

My lovely friend Rebecca is celebrating a birthday on the weekend.  She is also missing terribly her pup that they left behind in the States.  So to cheer her up, I made her a Baxter cushion cover that can sit on her couch.  I gave it to her yesterday and she loves it.
 I have thought for a while that I should make some dog cushions, but I am always nervous about it as, to me, dogs have their own personalities and it's really important to capture them.  Fortunately Baxter has his own facebook page, so I was able to see some photos of him.


  1. That's sooo cute & full of personality. mum xxx

  2. I have come to realise that dog "owners" really want to appreciate/believe in drawing/paintings of their dog/s as their dog/s. I can only remember one bloke who expressed some disapproval and that is from I suppose of the order of about 100+ (was going to say 200 but a lot anyway) or so dog drawings/paintings

  3. you're a beautiful friend xx

  4. Soooo cute :)


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