03 October, 2012


It's been a busy busy week so far.  Monday morning Kit, Ella and I were up at 4:45 am to get to the school by 5:30 am for Kit to catch the bus for his school camp on Tioman Island in Malaysia.  It was a dark and m.u.g.g.y. morning, and while Kit was happy to run off and hang out with his other "ultra cool" 13 year old friends, Ella and I had to wait until 8:30 for her bus.

 So, what do you do at school in the dark when everything is locked up?  Well, sitting was out of the question as that was too hot, so some very slow walking backwards and forwards (and playing guess the animal game) to get a bit of a breeze going past our bodies was called for.  And some photo taking.
 The moon was large and bright.  I find it such a lovely thought that no matter where people are in the world they all see the same moon.
 Ella was super excited about her camp (Sedili, Malaysia) and the wait was hard, but as soon as her teacher arrived, I went home for a quick shower before heading back to IKEA.

Yes, IKEA, AGAIN.  I neglected to mention on Friday (focusing instead on the pretty lanterns) that my trip to IKEA on Friday was a total bust as we (make that I) didn't realise that there was a limit on our local bank account of how much we could spend in a day.  It wasn't horrendous amounts of money, but it was enough (factor in 5 mattresses and a couch to start with), and after putting in my order etc, I was so put out that I couldn't pay that I left and went back on Monday (after taking out the limit all weekend).  So, back to IKEA I went with a wad of cash, feeling slightly dizzy from being up so early.  But the order went through, and everything was delivered yesterday.

That meant that yesterday was spent putting together IKEA furniture and packaging up all the boxes (and the moving boxes) to get picked up this morning.  As we had mattresses, I stayed at the house all by myself.  But it is all starting to come together, and the beauty of the little kids being away this week is that I can really get stuck in and do it all.

From the house this afternoon, I met Oscar back at Mustafa's and we went and bought a fridge and a washing machine.  They are being delivered tomorrow.  I managed to snap this photo going back to the MRT station.
And after all of that, I had to come back to the apartment and have a swim.  We will have all our stuff moved out of the apartment on Friday morning, so I have to make the most of the pool while I can.


  1. Whew indeed. Felt quite exhausted just reading about it. Check out Desire to Inspire posts about Boat House and Colour Surge - I think they'd make me feel better in Singapore. I've had my jumper on all day and it was 30 degrees here - cool in the house though and I've been studying. Sometimes I wonder if we could survive back in Tassie.

  2. Well we had about 23C in Tassie today and after yoga I flaked out on the hammock under the tree in the sun, instead of digging up the garden. Boy that sounded like a long wait. You're going to miss the pool. How far to the nearest one to the new house? I expect the kids will ahve a wonderful time. I remember one of your early attempts at IKEA - putting together those bunk beds for Oscar & Remi in Artarmon! mum xxx


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