04 October, 2012


Today the fridge and washing machine arrived. In between waiting for deliveries I finished (mostly) organizing Ella and my room. Fortunately it's a big room, so I was able to make a corner for my "studio" without taking up too much of her space,

Her desk, and Lucy's bed

My studio is behind the big book case there

For now we are all on mattresses on the floor until we find the right beds (at the right price). Not sure there's enough room for her dance studio any more....

She and Kit return tomorrow afternoon and I suspect that after a week of hiking, snorkeling, swimming etc in the sun and the heat, not to mention the fun of camp and late nights, that they will be beyond shattered. I am glad they will have their own rooms to retreat to. We don't officially need to move out of here until the following weekend, so we may be back here at the apartment over the weekend to use the pool....and possibly the wifi. Internet is supposed to be being connected at the house on on Saturday.

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  1. No photos of huon pine bowl just yet?

  2. Silly dad, I don't keep it in Ella's room. You are very tuchy about your bowl. It's almost like you don't believe we still have it! I wonder how Matt's wine collection is faring....

  3. Am saving a fair portion of Matt's wine collection for special visitors.


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