11 October, 2012

Lunch at the club

Matt (and Oscar and I) got his membership to the Singapore Cricket Club yesterday.  So Oscar and I donned our appropriate club attire and went to meet him for lunch on the veranda.
This is such a typical photo of Singapore at the moment.  Construction everywhere right by one of the most traditional places on the island.

Oscar spent the whole time watching his rugby team mates doing the optional lunch time training of sprints out on "the Padang" feeling relieved he wasn't out there in the blazing sun.
We did have to stop and have a coffee in the air conditioned lounge to cool off for a bit afterwards.  It was lovely, but they could really have done with cranking up the speed on the ceiling fans a bit.


  1. Now that is a club I can totally accept, but when do they actually play cricket?

  2. when you say "you dressed up"...did that mean you had to really dress up ..like proper drss code and all????

  3. Thursday Chicken Rice - oh I miss that. Was reminded of it on Friday when we ate at a Malay restaurant in London's Chinatown after being at the Bali Memorial


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