10 August, 2012

We (heart) NYC

Having a great few days in NYC. Ella goes out on Matt's tiny balcony on 56th St (btw Broadway and 8th) every day to see what is going on out there.

Yesterday was Kit's 13 birthday and we had a great day wandering around: times square (toysrus for old times sake) and Rockerfeller center, and many places in between. Then last night we went out to dinner with the kids before going to watch Cirque du Soleil Zurkana at Radio City. What a great day!

(Ella looks so sad here, but she wasn't; we were in a really fast moving line and I think she was a little overwhelmed)

Oscar and Remi are having a few more days in CT instead of coming into the city. We will see them tomorrow morning before we all fly out tomorrow night. Another fun day today with Ella's BFF coming in to the city to spend some time with us.

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  1. Fab! So one day to check out the High Line

  2. Hey George. Haven't checked up on you for two weeks as I've been away but in hong hong airport now with time to kill. Hope your flights all go well and your new home will feel like home soon. Xxxxx

  3. Hong hong would be hong kong !

  4. Happy Birthday Kit! What a great time in NYC. Couldn't ring you but will chat when you emerge in Singapore. Nan xxxx


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