08 August, 2012

This morning

Awake early to start washing all the sheets. Even though I have a fantastic machine (it was in the house) it has a quirk of stopping during a cycle. My constant refrain is "make sure the washing machine is still on". But this morning it is cold. All our warm clothes are packed away; slippers, dressing gowns, jumpers and jackets. So Ella and I are snuggled up in my bed together with a doona (duvet)! to keep warm and periodically running downstairs to press the "on" button on the washing machine. Feels like a nice way to spend our last morning.

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  1. OOOhh hope you're not feeling too sad about saying goodbye to the house. mum xx

  2. Hear from you soonish from a friendlier time zone.

  3. Maybe see you at Christmas.........?.... xx


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