04 July, 2012

Room by room

After my post this morning, I was inspired to get stuck into one room at least. It is now my oasis, while everything else is still "getting there".

Considering this room has been the dumping room for the last few weeks and that I was jigsawing wood in here last night....not bad.

As it is the "music room", it got the treatment with my old records I bought ages ago. Unfortunately I started too high and they all need to be shuffled down a bit. Something I will do when it starts to bug me too much. For now, I can just sit with my back to it.

I shuffled around some baskets, sorted some books and moved in a different chair.

And it is oh so nice.
(yes, Ella is wearing the fez I made for the doctor who season finale last year...not sure why).

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  1. ahh its soooo good. Can you just take the top row of the records off and put some more big records down the bottom? It looks so cool though. I saw a DR WHo iPad cover the other day and thought of you!!!!

  2. well Kit seems chilled out! Love the records on the wall, they lookm really good! We watched Stephen Fry's 100 best gadgets show last night and it's amazing the accelerated changes since 1980's with CDs, walkmans, ipods etc
    mum xx

  3. i love the music room...i would see why you could just relax in that room...mmmm seems like you might have to fight for a seat though ...they look like some else has taken up residence there too...!!!!!

  4. But I hope guitars, amps, banjo mandolins, flutes, didgeridoos etc are soon to be packed for the trip to Singapore.


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