10 July, 2012


Well, I may have been quite around the blog lately, but it's been happening 'round here. I spent days last week finding places for things; putting things away, tidying things up (I spent a day sorting my tool/paint etc storage area which is up above the barn room; an area often referred to as the "gang planks"), and do a few odds and ends kinds of jobs.

And even though I worked hard all week, I did feel a bit like there wasn't much to show for it when I picked Matt up from Albany train station (1:35 hours away) on Friday night.

But we have a cute little place to sit under the trees when it's hot,

And then there are the "rustic DVD shelves" I put together to address the DVD storage problem that we have.These shelves are made from wood that belonged to a shed we had in CT which was demolished when a tree fell on it. (Unfortunately I ran out of planks...I needed about another 2 boxes). I like to be able to recycle things like this, and love it when I can make something useful that doesn't cost me anything. (And as for why we have so many DVDs....we learned long ago that it's cheaper for a family of 6 to buy the DVD than it is to go to the movies...).

While Matt was here we mowed and whipper snippered and did lots of weeding. LOTS of weeding. And ate really well, of course. Then we drove him back to the train station last night.

(here's a picture of our shed showing the door. It's not in the right place, but it's too hard to reformat on my ipad)

Some photos of the weeding....and pruning of this lilac.....

All looking a bit bare. We've had problems with our septic basically since we bought the house (it's where that white pipe is) and, due to it overflowing all the time and not pumping up to the leach field, things were very over grown in this little corner. And mostly with a weed that gets in and chokes everything else out of your garden. So it all had to come out and we've sprayed it with round up. I have plans for something there, and lots of mulch...don't worry.

And you may have noticed this going on in the background...we have some boards getting replaced on this side (I'm not doing it myself as I am worried about running out of time). This will be the last side I paint.

We found out we had to paint the shed, so I chose a really neutral colour. Oscar is taking this on. And he didn't have a ladder today.

Remi was up the ladder scraping for me. I started priming. Still a LOOONG way to go with it all, but today was the first day we got stuck into the painting.

And another little project I have going. Yesterday I picked this up off the side of the road (I love how everyone puts what they don't want out with a free sign here). It was all white but looked like it could work as a bedside table for me. When I started scraping off the paint, I discovered that it's a cute little kitchen (?) table from about the 1930s. The top is enamel (under the paint) and the fold out sides are wooden cutting boards (they were also painted). It's going to take a fair bit of work to get the peeling paint off, and then I'll respray the bottom of it, and just beeswax the boards.

So it may be another week before I post again.....
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  1. Georgia - it all looks so lovely. You and the team are making fabulous progress. We are not up again until 27th (or something like that) - is there anything I can bring you up from the Big Apple. Also I am heading off to London tonight so if there is anything you need from the UK let me know.
    Can't wait to see the progress in a couple of weeks. Am thinking that weekend of coming up on Thursday night so not sure if you fancied riding on the Friday???
    Nicola xxx

  2. mm mm can't wait!!!
    It's wonderful how Oscar and Remi pitch in.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. Maggie,
    They're earning brownie oints to go and spend a week with their friends right before we leave. But they are good helpers. Kit and Ella were both very poorly yesterday, so they got the day off...

  4. you make me exhausted just looking at these pics of all your efforts Aunty Georgia...great job or is it JOBS...

  5. wow! It is such a great home. Must feel so good to ahem all your things there for a while.


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