21 July, 2012


The house is slowly coming along. I had a couple of long days last week. Yesterday I had to pull some boards off the top of the back barn as they were splitting and need replacing. Underneath I found news paper. The Boston Globe from May 6th, 1913! No wonder the boards were splitting; they were nearly 100 years old. But,I haven't really worked much for the last two days. And I blame my neighbours who got not one, but two new puppies.

Called Gem and Scout (yes, Gem with a "G" ;short for Gemini), these are two of the mixed up muttiest sisters I have ever seen. A cross between a not full bred miniature schnauser and a possibly not full bred Australian shepherd (which is a pretty mixed up breed anyway), who knows what they will look like or how big they will get.

But they are super sweet little girls...particularly little Gem who is my favourite (and possibly the kids too).

So yesterday I had no helpers as the kids were asked to puppy sit for a few hours. In the end I went up too. Who can resist some puppy love.

Honey just wants to mother them and keeps trying to flip them onto their backs. She runs towards them really fast and at the very last minute jumps over them. The puppies are not quite sure what to think as she is much bigger dog than their mother. Although they were getting more used to her after a few hours of watching her.

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  1. Puppies are always sooo cute ..but then they grow up...a lifetime of love and devotion though....funny that Honey wanted to mother them...basic instincts kicking in...did she ever have puppies????

  2. awwww puppy love is so good

  3. no comment needed...


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