16 July, 2012

The circus

After a week of Kit and Ella being really sick with nasty fevers, and me spending all week painting and fighting off nasty fevers, we took the day off working and went to the circus. Circus Smirkus is an AMAZING youth circus which we saw a few years ago. It was hot as hades in that tent, but Kit and Ella and I LOVED every minute of the show. I was so enthralled that I didn't take any photos once the show started. It's only a little circus ring, but it's set up in a huge field with all these amazing old tractors. I wanted to hang out and take loads of photos, but it was HOT. (we left Oscar and Remi at the cool independent bookshop cafe which has wifi, and then they walked around for a while).

I love the owl at the top of this totem.

The circus has kids from all over America and the world, and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is fortunate to have it come to a town near them. Kit and Ella are adamant that they are going to circus camp next summer!

And like the circus which has ups and downs, we have been a bit sad around here lately as our beloved Lilly cat hasn't been seen since Thursday. I am very aware that she is not top of the food chain up here, and have always tried to keep her inside at night, but at around 6 pm on Thursday night someone let her out the door and by the time I got down the ladder to catch her and put her back inside, she was no where to be seen. She was not coming to Singapore with us, but I had found her a home where she would have been very happy. On the other hand, we have found somewhere for Honey to live for 3 ish months once we leave, to live out her quarantine before we can ship her over. We were worried that if we couldn't find a temporary home for her, we'd have to find a permanent one.

And in other good news, Remi finally got accepted into his school. He's going to be going to the Canadian International school (for a variety of reasons, but the main reason why he's not going to the Australian school-because I know my dad will ask- is that he would have had to go back half a year to refinish grade 10 in order to start the international baccalaureate in January). Kit and Ella got into their school (the stamford American international school) weeks ago, and we have been waiting on a decision for Remi...

It's all starting to feel like it is happening...
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  1. So pleased about Honey...shame about Lilly, Kit and Ella could research Australian Kids Circus Oz classes that operates out of Wodonga and is known to have fabulous classes...Ellen (after who you are named) Evan's daughter did circus oz and ended up working with them professionally, mind you they did live in Beechworth, actually think a sensible decision re Remi, still plenty of time for him to turn back into an Aussie...asked my jock head of campus (known artist)about art school in Singapore, he does seriously know about that sort of stuff and was of the opinion nb...for a few reasons...
    Have you got accommodation in Singapore yet? If so address please so I can google earth it.
    Would love to send you photos of my next glass work, but not really sure when it is finished...you will understand when I eventually blog photos.

  2. That should have been no, not nb

  3. wow, its all happening hey. So sorry about Lilly. I hope she turns up. ANd sooo glad you get to take Honey with you. Can you just imagine how excited she will be to see you !!! So whats are Oscars plans?

  4. sounds like it is happening ...poor lily ..cts have and amazing sense and i have heard of them turning up at their old homes thousands of miles away and years later.....hope that is not the case!!! so glad Honey is going with you even if she has a 3 month wait...she will turn herself inside out when she see you all after quarantine....good luck with the transition for you all...

  5. So glad to hear about honey. Really wish we could have taken her. But in our small rental and possibly having to move in a month just not practical. Where is she going to be staying?
    See you in 2 weeks


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