09 April, 2012

Winding down

It has been a lovely 4 day weekend up here at our house. We celebrated Remi's birthday a bit more. We had wanted to have a fire outside, but there's a total fire ban at the moment. Because it's too dry. In Vermont. In April. Last easter there was still snow on the ground.

We've enjoyed some lovely spring sunshine.

I adore the light in this house.

As soon as we got up on Friday, I grouted. (Before)


And painted a bit. Yesterday I did a bit of digging through our "quarry" to remove some big rocks. We want to turn that area into a patio, so it was nice to work in the not too warm sun, before everything goes rampant with spring.

While we were working Oscar called. He'd taken the dog for a walk and got lost. We had to wait for him to get back onto a drivable road and go and pick him up. He was lucky to have cell phone coverage when he called, as we didn't when we were trying to find him. Honey was looking a bit tired after a 3 hour walk, as Matt had already taken her out for a big walk in the morning.

Preparing to go back down today, for a four day week, then back up for a full week again as the kids have spring break. Outside it's raining/sleeting. As usual, I'm tempted to stay....

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  1. How lovely to celebrate Remi's birthday at the house in Spring sunshine. Funny about Oscar and Honey though, and fortunate that he had a phone. I'm sure he'll hear no end of that. We had beautiful warm, even surprisingly hot weather on Kangaroo Is. I've written you all a postcard but I suspect it's still sitting in the post box in American River, waiting for the KI postman to come back from Easter leave. love mum xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Remi (again)...i love a party and a reason to celebrate...and have cake...yeah!!!!. yes the light in your Vermont house is gorgeous...love the cat soaking it up ....

  3. ohh no, he got lost! so lucky he wasn't too bush and near roads! Glad you are getting lots of VT time in. Love seeing the pics from up there. xx


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