10 April, 2012


*Feeling a bit lost today as I left both my beloved ipad and my camera in VT.  Fortunately we're up again so soon.  Also having to sugar cleanse again.  I didn't have any easter eggs, but I had to try the cake I made for Remi and our friends brought over homemade ice cream (and left it in our freezer!)

*We left the rain/sleet/snow up there and have come down here to gorgeous blue skies, leaves coming out on trees and tulips all over the place.  Not so bad, although I know where I'd rather be.

*The talented Jackie Morris is having a giveaway make sure you check it out...details on both her blogs, here and here.  Although I would be ecstatic to have her lovely hare on my wall, I would love to present that signed book to Ella.  

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