16 April, 2012

Some progress

Sorry about falling off the radar last week. I spent a lot of time plugging away at the crochet blanket I'm repairing. Still have a long way to go with it, and time is running out. We are up in VT again, for a week this time.
I have lots of projects planned, and to start with, I'm attacking that awful red floor. I would really like to strip all the floors in the house and sand them back to their original glory, but we don't really have the funds for that at the moment, so I'm going to paint over them for now.

Matt and Oscar went to referee a woman's college rugby game in Massachusetts today, so I thought I'd make the most of having less people in the house, and start by painting the stair risers.

It's the same glidden slate green that I've used everywhere in the house. I love it because it is really one of those colours that changes in different light.

I didn't even tape it off properly (as I'm going to paint the stairs anyway), and it still looks so much better already.

And the rest of the red is all going "walnut bark" brown (also glidden). If you look at the bottom of the stair spindles there, where you can see I've taped off, you can see where I started painting the brown. I love it because it has the look of a dark wood and just recedes into the background.

And here's a little patch I did in an out of the way spot (and locked Lilly cat out the back). It looks a little lighter in this photo, and I think it looks yuck against the red, but it is really nice right up against the green. I can't wait to get stuck in and do all the rest of the floor, but I think that might have to wait for a weekend when I can come up on my own.

And here's a little reminder of what the hall looked like before...

And if you noticed the ladder in the background in the first photo, I was also making the most of Matt not using the kitchen to continue priming the kitchen ceiling. But I must be very out of practice, as my arm and shoulder is killing me! At least I can go and jump in the bath.

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  1. Wow! you've been busy! I know what you mean by the slate grey; I've used it too, but am not familiar with the term 'gldden'. It looks a bit shiney - is that the difference?

    mum xx

  2. it looks sooo cool. Id love some old stairs like that to paint! Well done x

  3. Mum, Glidden is the brand. I like lusing gloss and semi gloss paint. It reflects more light, and is easy to clean. After years of living in rental houses with flat matt paint which is impossible to clean, i always use a gloss paint.


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