17 April, 2012

A change in weather

The kids and I spent this morning working in the garden. Digging out our old compost heaps as they are right where we want to put a shed. The neighbours got all the compost as they've been adding to it over the last 15 years and I really can't keep up with a garden up here. We worked hard. And it's hot. 30 C hot and sunny.

After lunch we went for a cool down in the river. The water is still icy cold, of course....it is still only APRIL; something I have to keep reminding myself.

But it was fun to go down and have our first dip of the year.

The river is so changed since Irene. So much more silt, and boulders gone or new ones, little beaches where there was nothing before.

But it's so nice to be able to open the doors and enjoy the sun. I think we are back to more seasonal weather tomorrow.

Certainly different from a spring break we spent up in VT back in 2009, before we had the house...you can read about that one here:

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  1. ahhh bliss, that sounds perfect. hard work then a dip in the river xxx


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