28 March, 2012


A day spent with two sick children and a Doctor Who DVD marathon and my birdy has a perch.

And to anyone contemplating a wedding in Tasmania, or looking for an amazing photographer, my very talented sister in law has, once again, won the award for Wedding Album of the year in the Tasmanian AIPP Epson awards.  You can see her amazing work on her photography blog:
Chelsea Parsons Photo Blog
How I wish she'd been part of the family when we got married.


  1. that's incredible George.... does that do your eyes in when doing it? I want to see it in perspective so I can see its size. Beautiful... and thanks for the sweet words xx

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Strictly speaking she was part of the family or so close it didn't matter but maybe she wasn't into photography at that point. Embroidery gorgeous in the full meaning of the word and a similar but not quite the same word needed for Ella's costume. She is clearly an individual and I hope her friends enjoyed her efforts.
    Remi's cake looked great too.
    Hope you had fun in VT.


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