26 March, 2012


No photos to share from the weekend. The gorgeous weather of last week dried up over the weekend and it was grey and a bit dreary. We got up while it was still light on Friday (a luxury) to discover that someone had tried to break in. Fortunately they hadn't succeeded, but it meant that I spent Saturday putting some extra bolts on the back door.

And I finally attacked the chicken:

Yes, that chicken. I chipped out those 12 tiles. Standing there in my pjs on Saturday morning, I decided that I just couldn't look at them anymore. That whole wall of tiles was never grouted, so those tiles had to come out so I can finish the job. (and that was this photo was taken before we moved in...Matt spent the whole of the first weekend cleaning the stove properly - it now is MUCH cleaner)  My neighbour has the exact same tiles and has 12 replacement ones to give me (yay), so I should be able to finish the job very cheaply. I started grouting yesterday before we came home, and it looks so much better. Cleaner and brighter.

I also did a bit more painting in the kitchen. I can't usually touch the kitchen when we are all up there as it is in constant use. So it was nice to be able to have a go at it again. It is getting there. I'd like to go up again next weekend for another go at it, before we all go up for Easter.

Ella and I were so tempted to stay an extra day or too. It was lovely. Just me and her and Honey (who slept at the foot of Ella's bed).


  1. And we enjoyed your company for supper!!! Did you need our tiles?

  2. Sounds ideal! It's so good to attack those jobs that are getting on your nerves!


  3. not the chicken!!!!!! he he... I so badly want to come see your house in person to see what you have done xxx


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