18 January, 2012


Got to go to one of the boys' wrestling matches last night.  I've only seen them twice before I think, even though they have about 3 meets a week.  Usually I'm running the other two around to their classes, but this week is snow day make up week (ahem!  We've had NO snow) so there are no classes.  

It was good, because it was senior night, where they recognised the seniors on the team- had them walk in with their parents, so it was nice that we could both be there.  Unfortunately, I gave the camera to Kit, so I don't really have many photos.
 I had to drop Matt at the train, and made it back in time to just watch the last few minutes of Oscar's match...(Kit had put some weird setting on the camera, which I didn't even have time to check, so the photos were all a bit blurred.)
 Still not quite sure how Oscar managed to turn this guy over (he was wrestling up a weight division and there was a 50 lb weight differential).  Oscar is in grey...
 It was also a good one to watch as both Osc and Rem won their matches.
Remi's (in black) was over very quickly- both ma boys won with a pin.  I don't claim to understand anything about the sport, but I do actually enjoy watching it.  It is such an honest physical contest, and you watch these boys put their all in to try and win.


  1. Thanks for the photos George (and Kit) My goodness, Oscar's opponent was huge! Well done, Oscar. And it's a great photo of Remi's rippling muscles. This must really keep them fit. mum xxx

  2. Glad you don't understand it either, but I do acknowledge it as yet another element of the all round Martial Artist, however possibly pleased it was not part of our training.

  3. Well done Osc and Rem.
    Grande Maggie XXXX


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